The People Behind Illusive London

The grand title of hottest new brand to hit our streets, in more ways than one, definitely has to go to Illusive London – but you might be wondering who these guys are, and why you should care? Trust us, there’s a very good reason. Not just another pretender With the expansion of the internet and social media making it so much easier for entrepreneurs to start up brand new businesses from the ground up, with little in the way of investment; it seems that certain markets are suddenly being flooded with impersonators. The urban fashion sector is no different. But mark our words, Illusive London aren’t just another one of your friends from school, with a Facebook page and a few menswear T-shirts for sale. No, Illusive London are another beast all together. Streetwear kings Anybody who knows anything about menswear, street wear or hip hop fashion in this murky modern age, will know all about SikSilk – the hugely successful urban fashion range that took the global market by storm, and suddenly adorned our favorite DJs and hip hop stars with fantastic new threads. Well, from the team who brought you SikSilk: we now have Illusive London, their latest breakthrough in the world of streetwear and urban fashion. What’s different? This time around, the Illusive London fashion team want to set their sights on something a little more specific and crank out some enviable gear for a certain market: menswear. With this all new streetwear brand, the team are looking to create fantastic clothing ranges which focus heavily upon the male physique in terms of creating tight cut ranges, with muscular fits and in classic designs that anyone with an eye for urbanwear is sure to love. As with any important company within a specific market, success comes down to their passion and philosophy surrounding their given field. With Illusive London, you’re dealing with a company that not only knows the fashion industry inside and out, but one that cares about it, and really wants to push the envelope of what comfortable, form fitting, yet eye-catching modern menswear. With their staff experience of catering to different global markets, the Illusive London hip hop ranges won’t just be another typical street clothing impersonation; it’ll be the real thing, infused with different cultures and inspirations from around the world – you won’t find that on every street corner.