The people behind the Sik Silk Urban streetwear revolution

The Sik Silk men’s clothing brand has been a massive success over the last few years. A company that began in Scarborough in a couple of spare rooms of the founders, Barry Gill, Sam Kay, David Thompson, is now a global success with a staff force of more than a dozen working from a big warehouse in Scarborough Business Park. So who are the people behind this successful urban menswear brand? Let’s find out. As mentioned the brand was founded in Scarborough. The three protagonists in the story were an accountant, a design engineer and a plumber. They pooled their skills, and armed with the idea of combining old school hip hop clothing and modern techniques, quickly developed a following on Facebook. Hundreds turned into thousands and, now, with nearly 55,000 Facebook likes and over 43,000 Twitter followers, the company has made it on social media.

So did these guys have a lot of fashion experience before they began?

Barry, one of the founders, says not. They were all fashion interested individuals who loved the urban scene. Clothing and menswear were part of their lives but to start with their manufacturer of hats and a baseball top was very much a hobby rather than a business. As the company took root, and gained routes to market, it became clear that they had to give up their day jobs.

Did they come from money?

Many people with successful fashion brands have done so with massive backing from family money. This trio did the majority of their work with credit cards and out of their own pockets. All they were armed with was passion, commitment and an idea that they truly believed in. Their success has been built of their ability to design clothes that strike a chord with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Indeed, the business is now a worldwide phenomenon, with a presence in Australia, the UK, USA and around Europe. The online retail side of the business demonstrates that they are truly global; there are international customers from practically every Country in the world.

An urban menswear brand of many influences

The influences that mould this brand are primarily American, Japanese and British arts, music and lifestyle trends and styles. The mix of influences in this urban wear clothing brand mean that there is always something fresh and new arriving on Twitter as a preview, and then later into the main catalogues. For a trio that came from outside of the fashion industry, who are well-known on the amateur football scene in Scarborough, it is incredible the speed with which they turnaround new designs and ranges. So the guys that started Sik Silk clothing, a brand fast becoming a leader in the world streetwear clothing industry, were just three normal guys from Scarborough. It gives us all hope!