The Pink Flamingo Sik Silk Tee; a standout in the urban fashion scene

Very few streetwear clothing brands can boast the audacity of the Sik Silk menswear brand. They have some design styles that are nothing short of extravagant and daring. One such item in their clothing collection is the pink flamingo elongated tee. In this piece will take a look at this stylish streetwear T-shirt in detail, so that we can understand just how it fits into the clothing range, and the urban fashion scene as a whole. The design of this urban wear tee from Sik Silk This Sik Silk urban tee has an elongated front, and a curved hem. It is black all over with flamingos of different sizes, in pink, of course, all around the front and back. The detail of the print is sublime, and the design is standout. It is a 100% polyester streetwear T-shirt with plenty about it. It is comfortable, stylish and unique. Old school and modern streetwear clothing combined This T-shirt is firmly in the urban genre. It is perfect for the city dwelling man who wants to stand out from the crowd with a design with loads of personality and plenty of style. It is reminiscent of the designs in the 70s with icons and images dotted around a plain background. However, unlike many of those early designs the images on this T-shirt are stark and vivid, and the finish of the T-shirt is first class. This really is the best of old school design and modern workmanship. When you wear the Sik Silk clothing brand you are wearing a badge of premium quality. This brand has built a reputation very fast in the urban fashion scene for delivering top-quality urban attire. We have even recently seen 50 Cent wearing Sik Silk clothing, including Rose designs. That a brand worn by 50 Cent can bring such a flamboyant design to market, and get it so right, speaks volumes of the fashion designers who work at the Sik Silk clothing brand. Other standout urban wear designs in the Sik Silk range There are quite a few designs in the Sik Silk range that do stand out from the crowd. The racer back designs, with a funnel panel from the top of the neck widening to the bottom, are unique and ultra-stylish. The mambo range of T-shirts are often seen on DJs over in Ibiza and really are the epitome of cool clubbing streetwear clothing. The mambo negative floor curved hem tee is another urban wear T-shirt that is full of personality. One of the great things about the Sik Silk clothing range is that it is constantly updated. Watch out for bargains in the sales, especially if you are happy to buy spring and summer collections during the autumn and winter. You can stock up your wardrobe at prices that make you smile. h/