The rose full racer tees: Showing why Sik Silk has come so far so fast

The Sik Silk clothing company is a Scarborough based business that has grown exponentially over recent years. Very few British clothing companies have had the amount of success that this streetwear brand has in such a short period of time. It will be interesting to take a look at a standout design in the collection and see how it exudes the design philosophy of this company, a philosophy that has been at the heart of the success. The full racer curved tee from Sik Silk This urban tee as a striking design. It is predominantly white, but has a curved hem and a funnel design from the middle of the neck down to the bottom, with a rose design background. The red roses contrast with the whites of the rest of the T-shirt to really make them stand out. Unique, stylish urban wear The full racer curved tee epitomises what Sik Silk is all about. Edgy, urban designs that are a bit different to what is out there on the market at the moment. That is why people like 50 Cent are choosing to sport this urban wear, and why the brand is moving forward so fast. Sik Silk menswear clothing is unique and stylish. It is different to what is out there on the market and this makes it stand out from all of the other brands. It is the design philosophy that perhaps pulls together the whole range and enables the fashion designers at Sik Silk to produce such diverse, trendy clothing. A unifying streetwear design philosophy The design philosophy of the Sik Silk fashion company is top produce old school themed clothing with a modern twist. It is a simple idea that they take to its natural conclusion throughout their different clothing products. If you take a look at the retro football shirts they show this design philosophy in abundance. This full racer curved tee harks back to the 60s and 70s, whilst feeling modern at the same time. This unifying design philosophy that runs through the Sik Silk urban wear brand is a touch of genius. A single moment of inspiration over in Manhattan, where the founders saw a young man wearing edgy old school urban clothing, gave the brand direction and purpose, which remain inspirational and a guiding force through all of the collections brought out by this world leading urban clothing brand. So, in a way, the full racer tee encapsulates the best of what the brand is all about. It is a T-shirt of contrasts, old school/modern feel, and top quality design and construction. It is yet another standout piece in the Sik Silk clothing range, and looking at its gives us clues as to why this streetwear clothing brand from Scarborough has taken the world by storm.