The Serge DeNimes Story

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Made In Chelsea, then you’ll know who Oliver Proudlock is and vaguely about his brand Serge DeNimes. Although to be fair, even if you’ve never seen Made In Chelsea in your life, you’ll probably still be aware about who he is and what he’s about. If you are completely clueless, here’s a brief introduction to Serge DeNimes and the story behind the brand. The brand was founded in 2011 by Oliver Proudlock, one of MIC’s best looking guys in my opinion. Serge DeNimes is a fashion brand and artistic community as highlighted by the blog. The brand is design-led as opposed to trend-led, however the design of which I will speak about further on are timeless, therefore creating a forever on-trend brand of exclusive pieces.

Man about Chelsea – Ollie Proudlock

‘Proudlock’, as he is usually called in MIC, has said he has always been interested, and had a strong passion for both fashion and art. His mother was a designer and photographer, therefore had consistent exposure to creative industry throughout his life. Expressing his creativity has always been an aim in whatever he does; therefore Serge DeNimes is a direct outlet for all of his creative juices.THE-SERGE-DENIMES-STORY

Designs behind Serge DeNimes

The brand aims to provide urban/ street wear apparel to the masses, whilst not forgetting the extreme importance of quality in each and every product. ‘Our original designs epitomize the urban culture and artistic flair that is the foundation of the Serge lifestyle. We strive to create an artistic community that focuses on producing cutting edge designs.' In short, their influences come strongly from British urban culture to create a lifestyle everyone can relate to. A visual expression of their lifestyle can be seen on their ‘So Serge’ tumblr here. The collections are designed from a menswear perspective, but as we know, in the street wear world, all menswear urban brands will always be unisex. The females love Serge DeNimes just as much as the guys! Just take a look at the ‘Who Wears Serge’ section on their blog to see for yourself! The brand has a strong following and ‘appeal to the young-creatives, the street-wise and the fashion conscious from across the globe.’

Collabs en mass

Collaborations have played a large part in the growth of this ever-evolving brand. Due to Proudlocks celebrity status before the birth of this brand, many of his celebrity friends support and wear the brands garments. They are always collaborating with models, photographers etc. by shooting them in the clothing and interviewing them for the blog. Serge DeNimes is so much more than just a brand. They are creating a go-to point for information and people-to-know across the board of all creatives.sergedenimes 8 An interesting point is where they often take their inspiration from, for example the original line was inspired by a series of photographs by photographers Lena Proudlock (Ollie’s mum) and Douglas Villiers back in 1978. The series followed one of the worlds most famous Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, which was hence named ‘Carnival In Rio’. It is clear that the first collection took inspiration from this. The brand hopes to continue with these unique collaborations to create a motivating and interesting movement.