The Sik Silk Urban Wear SS14 Collection

Sik Silk is one of the rising stars in the streetwear fashion scene. In fact, many would say they have already risen. Established in 2012 by three lads in Scarborough, with little more than a few spare rooms and some credit cards, the company has grown to become a global celebrity clothing name with, celebrities left right and centre falling over themselves to make endorsements. The brand is a brilliant mix of modern vintage and contemporary materials and methods. It has struck a chord with young man around the world. The designers enjoy using bold prints, contrasts and graphics to produce quirky, edgy menswear designs that don’t always conform to the norm.

The SS14 menswear collection

The SS14 menswear collection provides loose, languid old school clothing for the free spirited young man with attitude. As with previous collections the graphics and diversity are amazing. This new season sees blacks, whites vibrant colours, including wild and bold patterns, and even pinstripes with bright colours. The baseball shirt from Sik Silk in red tartan is a distinctly Celtic look that would be at home in the States, much like many of the clothes. Yet it is modern in feel.

Sik Silk clothing wins USA hearts and minds

Sik Silk her recently won contracts in the USA. They travelled to Las Vegas and signed a big deal with FootLocker. The brand is now catering not just to the UK public but to a world wide audience. This is a fascinating place to be for a British urban clothing brand that is only a few years old and is making it#s way in the fashion world. The funny thing is that they seem to get things right nearly every time. People love the clothes, and the designs are rarely enhancements of previous clothing, and nearly always totally unique. The fashion designers at the menswear brand seem to have a knack for identifying what people like and then delivering it in the best possible way.

Jackets in the collection

The street culture that inspired the jackets is diverse, and the jackets in this collection match that diversity. You’ll see embroidered silk logos, quilted designs; classic and modern intertwined.

Baseball shirts and vests

The majority of the collection are in soft hues and classic blues, as well as classy greens. As you would expect with baseball shirts and vests they are catered for the summer market. They are vintage with a modern twist. The materials are top quality; the kind of premium quality we have to come to expect from this successful menswear clothing brand. These vests manage to bond together comfort, style, active menswear designs and an edge that only Sik Silk clothing can bring to the table

The urban wear Tees

Casual wear is something that Sik Silk does very well. In this collection they have gone to their origins with whites, navy, blacks and greys with fresh contrasting colours and big bold distinctive Sik Silk graphics. The sweatshirts offer similar styles that really capture the imagination. When you wear the SS14 urban wear collection you make it clear that you are a fashion conscious person following a brand that is ahead of the game.