The Story Behind Sik Silk

Sik Silk is a British born brand with strong inspirations from American culture and Japanese designs, and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 years, you will be aware of the influential street wear brand already! It began and made a huge wave in the fashion industry back in 2012.

The key to their success

The list of independent British labels is ridiculously long, however those who have made an impressive success story out of their brand is very minimal. The drive and ambition behind the brand is what makes them stand out from the rest, they live and breathe the Sik Silk lifestyle – confidence and self-belief is key. They managed to find that very select gap in the market which only those who truly love their passion for style will notice, and this was that so many brands had no particular direction. Other brands were doing what they thought would make the most money, although this was not the case. Sik Silk put their passion and individual twist into the fashion industry which had lost ‘its drive, its passion and its direction’. Their commitment to the lifestyle of fashion, culture and music, whilst creating a product that people not only wanted... but NEEDED is what allowed their global followers grow – and continue to grow!sik silk 14

A brand that knows no limits

Their collections ‘will continue to push the boundaries on design, trends, graphics and diversity’, which is exactly what the current fashion industry needs, a brand that knows no limits. A vital factor to being a success is if celebrities love you, not only via celebrity endorsement and sending out freebies. If they genuinely love the meaning behind your brand and the designs, and Sik Silk has well and truly mastered this. The one and only 50 Cent is one of their biggest fans. Like their ‘About Us’ page: ‘We are adored by the rich and famous around the world. We are admired and loved by our global customers. We are envied and despised by out rivals.’ Other brands really ought to take a leaf out of their book and epitomise their no-nonsense attitude. Sik Silk are aware they are extremely successful and will utilise this to the best of their ability, so good on them! Their presence will continue to grow internationally.

Unique Influences

So, onto where their design and print influences come from. American shapes such as the baseball jersey is a clear stimuli, along with the eclectic and iconic Japanese artistic designs. This combination creates the unique and influential brand that is Sik Silk. Not only are the collection incredible with regards to aesthetics, but the consistent high quality of each and every piece means that you are really getting and amazing garment.sik silk 15

The Sik Silk customer

Sik Silk is a confident, style conscious man personified. It creates a lifestyle desired by many, and can transform any guy into the Sik Silk ideal. Show the world that you are not afraid to stand out whilst wearing one of the hottest brands of the moment! The brand is incredibly versatile, so whether you’re a skater, a ‘cheeky Nandos with the lads’ kind of guy or anything in between, Sik Silk creates that individual statement for each and every one of you – including the ladies, this brand’s for you too!