The Streetwear Fashion Industry Needed This Company

The state of modern street menswear was nearly in disarray. For years, big name labels have been churning out the same limp, uninspiring clothing under the guise of producing top quality street, urban and sportswear; when in reality, it lacked any form of authenticity. With very few modern contenders, the industry has been allowed to continue down this hopeless path for far too long, but all of that is changing since the arrival of Fresh Ego Kid – the fashion industry’s savior. A New Approach Fresh Ego Kid was created in the mind of Marvin Morgan – a young man who seen the modern day menswear industry for what it really was. When he thought about it, he realized that something had to be done, and thus set out to create his own game-changing urban menswear brand, to bring top quality, real clothes back to the fashion conscious men out there. He wanted to sprinkle modernity, unique design and brave new directions for male fashion into the industry, and so a new approach was born in the highly popular Fresh Ego Kid brand. A New Urban Clothing Look The success of Fresh Ego Kid can’t simply be put down to one or two things. Instead, this exciting new label has achieved greatness through a mix of clever marketing, honesty, passion and customer communication. But above all else, what keeps the customers coming back for more, is FEK’s dedication to creating a new, inspired and innovative urban look for the modern man. The fashion designers behind some of the classic Fresh Ego Kid offerings aren’t happy to rest on their laurels and produce the same, popular material till the cows come home – they want to improve their industry, one garment at a time. A Streetwear Clothing Brand That Hits the Mark It’s no surprise, then, that this passionate, dedicate new clothing brand more than hits the mark with their target demographic.  Their honest approach to instilling some vibrancy, some inspiration and a great deal of design diversity into the stale menswear market is making huge waves with customers and the larger market both. Why Not try this Vibrant Street Look for Yourself? What’s stopping you from giving your ego a facelift? Check out our range of Fresh Ego Kid urbanwear today, and soon you’ll be walking the city streets with a little bit more swagger, and a little bit less sterility in your outfit.