The Style and Philosophy of Illusive London

Some clothing manufacturers treat their chosen industry field as nothing more than another outlet for business; supply and demand, stack the material high and sell the subsequent clothing for as high a mark-up as possible. This is why we end up with so many huge, impersonal, over expensive brand names taking over the urban street wear sector, with their impersonator clothing ranges. It takes something fresh, inventive and passionate like the style of Illusive London’s streetwear to really shake things up again, and revitalise the fashion world. Illusive London’s roots The team behind the urbanwear ranges you can expect to see from Illusive London, have years of experience with creating their own style, look and ethos within the street wear world.  Coming from the solid background of having built SikSilk (you already know it as one of the biggest industry names, no doubt) means that Illusive have a real, tangible passion for streetwear fashion. The Illusive style and philosophy looks set to take hard work that’s already been put into contemporary menswear design and then revitalise it in a typically unique fashion, giving a classic feel and style for those who want some comfort and familiarity in their urban wear ranges, but also with something a little different for those who like to experiment with style on a more regular basis. This kind of melding between styles is exactly what a successful fashion designer needs to have at the core of their business philosophy – without it, they risk creating stale, uninteresting urban wear for the masses, which will quickly lose its appeal to even the most loyal of customers. Keeping up with modernity It’s no secret that communication with a customer base is the only way to operate a successful business in this modern age of internet, social media and smart phones; where everybody is talking to everybody else, all the time. Illusive London not only recognise this approach to their fashion branding (taking on customer feedback, analysing current style trends and then incorporating all of this into their ranges), but they manage to capture something of the modern age in each of their new menswear ranges. Keeping fresh is key for the urban wear fashion sector. Illusive London really do take what they do seriously, and they seem as involved in the current trends and patterns of the modern urban wear scene as any other prominent fashion designer existing today, if not more. You can put your trust in the brand to deliver some exciting, daring, comfortable and above all incredibly stylish menswear going into the future, that’s for sure.