The Very Interesting and Rather Brief History of the Menswear Brand, Sik Silk.

If you are a big fan of vintage sportswear from America, with a good deal of urban style thrown in to the mix, you probably know Sik Silk pretty well. If you don’t yet know much about this classy urban wear brand then read on.

A British urban wear brand with overseas influences

This British brand was established in 2012. It came from a simple idea.  The UK fashion industry was failing to grasp the potential of American street clothing in the UK. In fact, it was very difficult to get anything American when it came to clothes, no matter edgy, nonconformist streetwear from America. The company went about trying to fix this, initially by bringing out some caps and a baseball top as a test. The UK responded extremely positively, and quickly Facebook and other social media platforms became a rising tide of populous support for this menswear brand.

Sik Silk urbanwear- a driving force in fashion

The founders, three friends from Scarborough, were buoyed by the success and were imbued with incredible drive, passion and purpose. They started shaking things up and establishing the company in big stores in the UK. After massive success in the UK happened very quickly, the trio realise the potential of establishing themselves in Europe and the USA. With a big deal with Footlocker in the US, and celebrities wearing their clothing in big hip-hop occasions, such as Usher’s party, things have gone from good to great.

Menswear with an edge

This menswear brand has had success due to the trendy, edgy, nonconformist clothing they produce, and have always remained true to the roots that began this American and Japan influenced urban clothing company. They have diverse influences, primarily from Japan and USA, but are forever evolving and establishing new lines that are seem to be unanimously applauded by industry critics and fans alike.

A truly diverse range of street clothing

The diversity of the Sik Silk clothing range reflects through the eclectic nature of the consumer base. As well as having people buying clothes all around the world, there are people looking for clothing for different purposes, and with different preferences. Everything is edgy and trendy, but some clothes are more suited to the office, and some to a hip hop gathering. Some are more traditional urban wear, some are more modern and unique. Sik Silk strives to combine sportswear and urbanwear from the old school tradition and contemporary materials. They take new methods and apply them to old styles and add their own ‘Sik” twist. It is a unique way of doing things that pays off. One of the most impressive things about this menswear brand is its ability to turn around new style so quickly. As mentioned above, they have new lines coming out almost every month, and there is always something new being talked about on the social media platforms. If you are interested in American sportswear and American Vintage fashion, then make sure that you are following this company on Twitter and Facebook.