This New Urban Style Has Been Illusive Up Until Now

As any experienced business man or woman, operating within the fashion industry, will tell you – it’s no easy feat to keep on top of current fashion trends, never mind predicting future trends and managing to incorporate that into your own range, before the next big thing comes along. It’s a constant headache for the less capable names, maybe, but not Illusive London. It’s all in the name Illusive by name, illusive by nature – the clever team operating behind the seams of Illusive London’s ranges of menswear, know exactly what’s required to keep things fresh, modern and yet classical at the same time. It’s not so much that new urban style and fashion is illusive as a whole, it’s just that only Illusive London seem to be the guys with the inside track; months ahead of anybody else in the streetwear game, the team seem to be in communication with some sort of fashion deity giving them all of the right clothing advice for taking menswear in exciting new directions. Knowledge stems from experience A lot of Illusive’s success has to do with their solid background within the urban streetwear industry – we all know how successful SikSilk proved to be; and that was no fluke. It takes experience, passion and knowledge of the market one operates in, in order to maintain consistent success and deliver what customers want on a regular basis. Listening to customer feedback on their past clothing ranges, watching the global trends of new urban wear and researching, thoroughly, their new patch (menswear, instead of general fashion), means that Illusive are streaks ahead of the competition. It doesn’t end there, though; the good thing about having such an extensive experience and history operating within a specific sector of a larger market means that before long, you become the market leaders in many regards. Some bigger fashion brands might complain about the direction of new urban style being hard to gauge, and illusive by nature. Perhaps it’s just that Illusive London are directing the new urban style themselves, what they say goes. If you thought urban street wear was dead in the water, then think again: it’s not all about huge global retailers, and their sterilized approximation of what proper urban menswear should look like – take it back to the streets and look at Illusive London’s exciting, daring new ranges for a breath of fresh air.