Top 3 Pieces from Thomas Gun’s newest brand – Illusive London

Illusive London is the newest urban streetwear brand to be launched on Thomas Gun, it’s a polished, monochromatic dream for both guys and girls throughout the fashion conscious generation. The brand began thanks to the huge success of Sik Silk, as their elite team of designers take on their more recent venture which is ‘Illusive London’. The designs of the brand clearly focus on the male physique as you can see via the Lookbook and product images. The cuts are tight and have a muscular fit. ‘The word illusive based on having the nature of an illusion, absent minded about how you want to look.’ - So my top 3 pieces from Illusive London goes as follows:
  1. Illusive ‘Dots Half Cut Tee

This particular tee is one of the strongest in the collection, so no wonder it’s one of the best sellers as well! It makes an ideal transitional item from the last weeks of Summer through the warmer weeks of Autumn. To complete the outfit I would add a light wash denim jacket over the top, and for when it’s chiller, slip a light grey zip up hoodie on underneath the jacket. Pair with black trousers and some clean white trainers. dots
  1. Illusive ‘Speckle Halt Cut Tee

  Minimalistic but nowhere near boring, the ‘Speckle Half Cut Tee’ is the second in my top 3 from Illusive London. It’s impossible to go wrong with black, grey and white; therefore I guarantee this is will become your next favourite tee for the coming months . The branding is stylish and non-offensive, yet still shows off the fact you’re wearing one of the best current streetwear brands around! The most stylish way to wear this t-shirt would without a doubt be with all black, black jeans, black trainers and a black bomber jacket would ensure you’re looking on trend for sure! dots half  
  1. Illusive ‘Tropical Vest’ in charcoal black

  If you’re one of the lucky ones that still have holidays coming up this year, then this one’s definitely for you! Wear with white swim ‘short shorts’ and some Adidas sliders around the pool or to the beach. You could even wear it on a holiday night out with white trainers, white denims shorts and a light wash, sleeveless denim jacket! But don’t worry guys, even if you don’t have a holiday booked, you can still wear this vest to the gym, around the house, a Sunday trip to Bluewater... the list is endless. Just chuck it on with a pair of skinny black sweatpants and zip up hoodie and you are lazy day ready whilst still looking fashion conscious and on trend, even throughout the winter! tropical vest