Truly Inspired: Streetwear Tees From A Relative Newcomer

It’s no secret that the menswear fashion industry is a hugely difficult market to break into, especially for a team without any prior business experience, or indeed any experience of the contemporary fashion industry and its trends. When a business such as this, does make it through against all odds, then you can almost certainly be assured that you’re dealing with someone special, with a unique voice and style. These are the exact qualities of Bee Inspired, a relatively new arrival upon the urban menswear stage – but a company who have managed to make considerable waves with their dedication to the field. Where Does The Inspiration Come From? Unlike some larger businesses which are focused upon latching onto the latest industry trends and milking them for all their worth; Bee Inspired strive to be on the forefront of any new innovations occurring within their industry. This all stems from the creators’ background in sport: Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb had a promising career as professional footballers lined up, when they noticed that the urban, sports and streetwear selection on offer to the modern man just weren’t cutting it. So, they decided to do something about for themselves, and set off to create an inspiring, game-changing new menswear brand. The Selections on Offer The key to Bee Inspired’s success, in the early days, was a small range of fantastic T-shirt designs (sold via Facebook), which quickly flew off of shelves and launched the men into a bigger industry and higher demand. This trend has since followed them all throughout their menswear careers, and customers can still see this prominent influence when looking at the streetwear on offer today, over at Bee Inspired’s website. Streetwear T-shirts for Everyone One of the key principles of Bee Inspired’s business plan was to create a range of urban and street clothing that would appeal to the widest possible demographic men; meaning the widest possible selection of T-shirts, under one brand. Today that sees such daring T-shit designs as the Scribble Tee – an uber cool, classic T-shirt cut with a plain base color which fades into an intricate design of scribbled lines and designs from the chest upwards. Similar in theory, but different in style is the Mystic street Tee, which is plain at the top, but filters down into a dreamy, mystical pattern of floral shapes and designs to create something truly eye-catching. Both of these shirts, as well as the rest of the huge selection of Bee Inspired tees are priced at a hugely affordable £30.00.