Turtle Neck Designs from Sik Silk- new urban trends

The Sik Silk clothing brand has always been happy to experiment with new styles and ideas. The first concept that the company delivered on social media was a baseball shirt prototype, combining old school and modern influences. From that day the design style has kept the same roots, but the fashion designers have been able to develop a plan through unique designs across the full range of menswear departments. The turtleneck range that has come out of the Sik Silk urbanwear brand is nothing short of extraordinary. It is diverse. It is smart. It is premium. It is daring. In this piece will take a look at some of the items in the Sik Silk turtleneck range, to show just how special these urbanwear garments are. Sik Silk turtleneck standard Even the standard turtlenecks are quality. They come in black and khaki and look very similar to the base layers, with a curved hem and a smart turtleneck. These are a perfect addition for your winter wardrobe in 2015, and will become a mainstay for many years to come. They sport the Sik Silk initial logo on the left breast in white on the black version and black on the khaki version. You can also choose between short sleeved or a long sleeved variants. The dark grey Melange streetwear turtleneck The effect on this turtleneck is standout. It has a curved hem and long sleeves, an initial Sik Silk logo on the left breast blends in but is visible enough to make the quality trademark of this garment standout. This is the kind of urban wear turtleneck you could wear with smart trousers and a jacket, but it is equally casual enough to be worn with ripped jeans. It is a unique design from a very special streetwear clothing company. Again there is a short sleeve version for warmer months, or if you want to wear as an undergarment. It iss also available in a lighter grey with short sleeves. The Sik Silk urban stress slub short sleeve turtleneck This Sik Silk turtleneck is available in charcoal and ecru and is a perfect undergarment for chilly weather. It is short-sleeved, with classy rolled up cuffs, and a small turtleneck. It is a fairly elongated turtleneck from Sik Silk, with a curved hem. These shine with the quality of Sik Silk clothing and have the logo emblazoned on the left breast in initial form, in black, contrasting with the lighter colours of the turtleneck. The turtlenecks coming out of the Sik Silk fashion stable are diverse in purpose and style. They all have the urban feel and the initial Sik Silk logo, and all are premium quality. If you’re looking for some winter clothing to add to your wardrobe, and a bit of urban flair, then pick some of the Sik Silk streetwear turtlenecks and add them to your collection.   http://www.siksilk.com/search/turtle-neck?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Organic&utm_campaign=1311%20Sik%20Silk%20Turtle%20Necks