Vanita Studio Filming With Avid Attire

As a young fashion brand it is difficult to make your way in the jungle that is the urban fashion scene. Many companies have come and gone without even a fleeting glimpse from the thousands of urban fashion lovers that inhabit New York, London and other great cities of the world. However, one new brand that is starting to make waves in the scene is Avid Attire. This is a clothing brand that has strategised everything to the minutest detail in order to ensure that they deliver the best quality clothing, and unique concepts and ideas to the marketplace. A behind-the-scenes look If you take a look at this link- you will get a unique glimpse into the running of this quality focused fashion company. The video features Avid Attire models including Azar, Ziggy, Ollie and Alicia being filmed by Sophie Williams. The video, in the Vanita studio and around Manchester was photographed by Alexander Bather, a well-respected fashion photographer. This kind of glimpse into the workings of a fashion company is invaluable for those that love to understand more about the fashion industry, and more about the brands that they love. It is clear that Avid Attire is taking a progressive and professional view of what they do, bringing in top professionals and models to help promote their clothing. A little more about Avid Attire Avid Attire is a company that burst onto the scene in 2012. Although this unisex clothing company doesn’t have a massive range of clothing, what it does do it does superbly well. The quality of manufacture is superb, delivered by European factories. The designs are active and sporty, perfect for those that want to reflect an active urban lifestyle. This is a company that produces the kind of clothing that you wear every day; clothing for walking around the city, heading to the park and going to the gym. Buy Avid Attire clothing and you will wear it again and again and the   T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirt and joggers will become go to items in your wardrobe. If you are looking for a new and up-and-coming urban fashion company that is relatively little-known at the moment then Avid Attire is a good choice. Take a look at YouTube video and see what they are all about, and then head over to our Avid Attire clothing collection and choose the items that you love the most.