What Clothing Does Avid Attire Urban Make?

One new streetwear brand that is emerging onto the European fashion scene is Avid Attire. They make urban clothing that is held together by a unified brand philosophy and is fast becoming a staple in UK and European men’s wardrobes. In this article will take a look at the Avid Attire brand and types of clothing the designers produce. By the end of the piece you should have a good idea about why Avid Attire menswear is such a fast developing streetwear brand. The Look of Avid Attire Menswear In general the Avid Attire menswear look is somewhat understated. The colors are classically urban; iron, khaki, brown and grey. The menswear fits firmly into the active side of the industry. This is the kind of clothing that is worn by street dancers and hip-hop crews. There are lots of panel designs and solid designs, and the branding is generally fairly subtle. The clothing is perfect for the gym, the park, the music festival or a visit to the city center. Urban Hoodies from Avid Attire The urban hoodies from Avid Attire are generally made from a cotton/polyester blend of 70/30. This creates a comfortable fleece fabric that is strong and durable. The designs tend to have the traditional kangaroo pouch and invisible zippers at the sides.  These are staples for your urban wardrobe, and perfect for the gym, roaming around the city or heading out to a casual pub on a cold evening. Urban Vests The vests from Avid Attire are some of the most flamboyant garments in the range. The designers at Avid have gone all out to create some special items with lots of personality. In the summer you are spoil for choice with the urban vests. If you want something to stand out from the crowd then these will do the job. Urban Tees The urban Tees from Avid Attire are generally all one color or panel designs. Some have the Avid brand name in signature across the chest, others have a small branded tab on the left-hand side. These garments are great for layering, but there are also the more sporty items for the gym or the park. Urban Jogging Pants The jogging pants from Avid Attire are very urban in look and design. The biker jogging pants have a corrugated look across the knees, and all the joggers taper to the ankle in a classic urban style. There’s definitely something about the streetwear joggers. Urban Sweatshirts The sweatshirts follow very similar designs to the T-shirts. They are the kind of clothing you will wear again and again when you aren’t sure what to wear. They are made from high-quality materials and are very reasonably priced. Avid Attire is a brand with a growing range of clothing. Take a look at the sales on our site to grab a bargain.