What Is Different About Streetwear Clothing From Avid Attire?

Sometimes it seems that the urban fashion scene is cluttered with new companies vying for position in the streetwear landscape. Some companies strike a chord and have global success, becoming celebrity clothing brands that skyrocket; think Sik Silk. This article will take a look at how Avid Attire go about their work, and why we think they’re a bit different to other companies in the fashion business at the moment. The Avid Attire Vests Are Unique When you take a look at Avid Attire wear the first thing you probably notice is the vests. The vest range from Avid Attire is flamboyant and extravagant. The fashion designers really go to town with an urban feel that reverberates with colour and pattern. As a new brand this is their statement canvas; the clothing that really shows off the imagination of the designers. We love this about Avid Attire. They are able to create new and unique designs that people love the moment they see them. Staples That Just Work The majority of the Avid Attire range is more your kind of staple clothing to turn to day in day out. The sweaters and T-shirts are generally fairly conservative in design, but casually cool and vibrant. These are clothes that combine beautifully with other items from urban fashion brands, and mark you out as a discerning fashion conscious man who loves the active urban look. The designs resonate in the cityscape. They work! Quality and Style with Unexpected Twists Some brands cut corners as they enter the fashion market. This is not the case with Avid Attire. They manufacture in European factories and ensure their quality control processes are always up to scratch. The brand standards are extremely high. The materials they use often result in a fleecy fabric, particularly in their sweaters, joggers and hoodies, normally produced from a combination of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. As we have seen, the styles are normally reasonably conservative. However, they have unique twists, like zippers to the sides, a corrugated biker effect on the knee areas of joggers, and tab label branding on the Avid Attire urban tees. This is a fashion label that thinks very clearly about every design and every garment. A Focused, Growing Streetwear Company Avid Attire is a highly focused clothing company. They know what their market wants, and produce clothing to fit squarely into the gap that they are trying to fill. They have controlled their growth by limiting the range over the initial launch phase, but now are primed for growth and the release of more lines. We respect the way this company has taken a strategic approach to the launch of its business. At Thomas Gun we appreciate quality urban clothing, and love it when a company is focused on what they do without getting distracted. There are lots of things that make Avid Attire different to many of the other newcomers to the fashion scene, but this unified, clear vision is perhaps the most significant of them.