What Kind of Streetwear Clothing do Bee Inspired Make?

Bee Inspired Clothing was founded in the changing rooms of a professional football club, between Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb. The two men quickly recognized that there was very little on offer, in terms of high class, desirable streetwear for men that could also be seen as practical for sports or exercise. Since their humble beginning, the guys behind Bee have expanded and raised their game to become one of the hottest new fashion brands within the menswear sector, with a huge range of urban streetwear that fills that huge gap in the market. The Philosophy of the Streetwear brand The philosophy operating behind the scenes of Bee Inspired clothing is simple and authentic – the guys wanted to create something that they felt was sorely missing from the modern urban menswear market. They wanted to supply top tier, high quality clothing at affordable prices, and in a huge range of sizes, shapes and styles. This isn’t just a clever bit of business thinking on their part, in order to maximize profits; the men wanted their business to be all inclusive, for no type of modern man to be left out when it came to sizing up for some excellent streetwear. Categories of Urban Clothing The Bee Inspired brand started off with little to their name, more of an experiment than a competitor within the hotly contested urban menswear sector. Mark and Steven started off with a small selection of four T-shirt designs, a sort of toe in the water so to speak. Nobody could account for the rapidity of the sales, though – before long every single tee the men had made had been sold, leaving them with empty shelves and an increased ambition. Nowadays, the categories of Bee Inspired urban clothing is expanding daily; footwear, pants, jackets, hoodies, tracksuits – you name it, they’ve thought of it, and they’re working toward providing you with the best urban clothing money can buy. Colors and Styles The colors and styles of Bee Inspired streetwear leave nothing to the imagination – if you can’t find a specific cut, style, color combination or material that meets your needs, then you’re insane. With a wide, and ever increasing, selection, Bee Inspired are quickly making waves for themselves by supplying to JD Sports, Foot Asylum and online stores like Urban Celebrity. You can’t make that kind of impact, in such a short amount of time, without having one of the best, most diverse selection of menswear on the market.