What Makes Bee Inspired Streetwear Different?

Chances are high that you’ve heard of Bee Inspired Clothing, in recent months. This is because the company is making considerable waves within the larger men’s streetwear industry with their selection of carefully coordinated, stylish and affordable clothing to meet the wide range of needs of the modern man. But it’s one thing to simply say you’re different, and quite another to prove it. So what actually makes Bee Inspired different from the other urbanwear brands? The Roots of Bee Inspired Urban Wear The first major and substantial difference comes from the very nature and core of Bee Inspired Clothing. This urban wear company had very humble roots; beginning with a simple discussion between Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb (two, now ex-footballers), after noticing the types of clothes that their colleagues would wear, purchase or discuss in the changing rooms. The two men quickly realized that something was missing: a driven, passionate urban menswear company that could deliver where the industry had been lacking for decades – a combination of practical, efficient clothing that also met the increasingly complex stylistic needs of the modern man. No easy task, but Mark and Steven were never ones to back down from a fight. The Style and Design Philosophy The style of Bee Inspired’s menswear range is multi-faceted. It truly does defy any simple description, in that incorporates such a wide selection of different categories, styles, fits and cuts. This is all part of the wider philosophy of the company. Mark and Steven looked at what was on offer, from the big names operating in the UK, and they didn’t like what they saw: uninspired, bland, careless designs and ranges. Most of which lacked any kind of urban, streetwear authenticity and instead wanted to trade in on a bigger trend; that’s to say nothing of how efficient or practical this clothing was. Bee Inspired was designed for something different – to change the face of modern urban menswear. The Values of this Quality Streetwear Company The inherent value of such a company isn’t hard to see. With so many faceless, careless passionless clothing brands already monopolizing the menswear sector; the industry was (and still is, in many ways) in dire need of a refreshing, honest and unique company to come along and shake things up. Bee Inspired is that very company, with their daring designs, fantastic value for money and intrinsic passion for the industry – it’s difficult to envision anything but success.