What Next For Avid Attire Urbanwear?

As a lover of urban clothing it is always difficult to choose which new and up-and-coming brands to have in your wardrobe. Some brands come and go, whilst others stand the test of time and end up being mainstream fashion labels that bring connotations of a strong fashion consciousness and a quality discerning taste to those who wear them. At Thomas Gun we are always looking for the latter type of company. Although it is early in the journey of Avid Attire we are sure we have found a company that is going to make waves in the urban fashion scene. In other articles we have outlined just what Avid Attire stands for, and why we think they are so good. In this article we will take a look at the future of this company. Where Now It is hard to look at the future of a clothing company without first acknowledging where they stand at this point in time. Avid Attire has been in the marketplace a couple of years and now has a clothing range that includes hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts and joggers. Every item in the clothing range is high-quality and has its own distinct active urban look. Most of the clothing is fairly reserved, rather than being flamboyant. The summer collection from Avid Attire also includes vests, which are a little bit more ‘out there’. In Avid Attire vests you see the fashion designers’ imaginations coming to life. There is not a large Avid Attire clothing range at this stage, but what they do they do very well. Social Media of Avid Attire The main social platforms that Avid Attire focus on are Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook the company has over 14,000 likes, and on Twitter over 23 ½ thousand followers. This demonstrates a social media presence that is primed for growth. If they continue to deliver the same quality attire, and interesting designs to the marketplace then they are sure to get an expansion in this social media presence as more and more people take note of what they are doing. Future Developments For Avid There is no doubt that Avid Attire currently takes the view that doing a limited range in a great way is better than spreading itself too thin. However, we’re sure to see the clothing range expand over the coming years as the company produces more and more clothing. With European-based factories it is going to be possible for them to get clothing to the market very fast, and the fashion designers obviously have a knack for producing designs that resonate in the UK marketplace. We should look for development into more overseas markets and perhaps Avid Attire can even break the US in the future.