What Next For The Bee Inspired Menswear Brand?

One of the newest and most impressive additions to the UK urban menswear sector is Bee Inspired Clothing. You’ve probably already heard of them, in fact; we’d say it’s not that unlikely that you have something of theirs hanging in your wardrobe right now. But what many don’t know is the inspiring, passionate story that brought the company to our highstreets today, with such a wealth of success. Knowing where they came from gives a better idea of where this incredible company may be heading in the future. Sporting, Urbanwear Straight from the Football Field The beginnings of the Bee Inspired brand are the stuff of inspiring drama films: Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb were two, young footballers with a promising career ahead of them, when suddenly a unified dream struck them and they changed the course of their lives. The two men quickly spotted a gap in the modern urban menswear market for clothing that served a multitude of purposes and scenarios at the one time, without having to charge huge price leaps or drops in quality. And thus, Bee Inspired was born. What Makes Them the Best There are many, many aspects of running a successful business – it’s not possible to simply put it all down to one thing or another (otherwise, who among us wouldn’t be running their own multi-million pound business right now?). But, one of the key, universal principles of successful business is open communication with customers and potential customers alike. Bee Inspired knew this from the beginning, which is why their early days of sales  - back in October 2013 – were lived through Facebook alone, taking use of social media to generate brand awareness and excitement amongst their target audience. Shortly thereafter, the guys realized that they needed a bigger boat, so to speak, and thus the Bee Inspired website was born, and the company as we know them today began to flourish into something bigger than the pipe dream of two ex-footballers. However, still to this day, the boys retain their focus on customer service and interaction – something that is sorely missing from some of the bigger urbanwear brands operating today. The Future looks Bright So long as the team keep up their passion for quality, valued urban menswear, and never lose sight of their customer focus – there’s nothing but success ahead of this inspiring business.