Whatever the Weather Intense Menswear Has The Urbanwear For You

As a resident of a busy and fast paced city, one of the things you need is fashion sense that stands out. You need to be able to express your individualism through your clothing, otherwise what’s the point? This is what we offer you here at Thomas Gun: we focus on functionality and practicality while expressing the ultimate in urban attitude. Selecting your next outfit from our wide ranges of contemporary menswear from the Intense collection is a must for any fashion conscious modern man. Urban wear for all seasons From summer to autumn, we are fully equipped to provide you with nothing but the very best in terms of appropriate clothing. Our men’s collection has kept many a modern man satisfied, regardless of the season. You can always count on us. Our Intense men’s collection is a comprehensive look at modern male fashion, as it features t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets and a huge range of other trendy accessories as statement pieces to accentuate any outfit or style. Living in a city with unpredictable weather? Our Intense menswear range  has you covered. Why not opt for the reliability of layers and help yourself to a selection of our staple items within our high quality stock of men’s fashion? Mixing and matching to create your own style is part of the fun! Frampton urban Polo Our Intense Frampton polo shirt is a popular choice among fashion savvy modern men. This fantastic shirt is made of 100% cotton with a slim-fit design. It also comes with a triple blend of navy on the front cut.  The polo shirt can be layered with the Intense Taping Hoodie Antioch which is also made from 100% cotton, to create a fantastic blend of one bold style. The polo features a unique cut and sew style hood with three panels of grey, black and white whilst remaining high quality and comfortable. Thanks to the wide range of Intense urbanwear on offer here at Thomas Gun, you can now dress appropriately all year round, without having to compromise on style.