Where did Sik Silk Streetwear come from?

Sik Silk menswear has leapt onto the fashion scene. It seems like only yesterday that their first urban clothes were being peddled on Facebook. Now the company is receiving celebrity endorsements left right and centre, and has over 50,000 likes on Facebook, and 40,000+ Twitter followers. It may appear that this has been a success story overnight. The reality is very different. Let’s take a look at some of the steps that have led to Sik Silk becoming the streetwear brand it is today; a brand that is making waves not just in the UK but around the world.

A lucky streetwear brand?

Very few companies are able to explain their success succinctly. The founders of Sik Silk are similar. Part of that is because success in fashion requires a certain amount of luck. It requires timing. It requires a receptive market. It requires a lack of competition in the chosen niche. It requires key people to get behind the brand. All of these things came together at the same time when Sik Silk launched. This menswear brand struck on the idea of streetwear clothing that combined the new with the old. This struck a chord with urban fashion enthusiasts.

Three lads from Scarborough become urban fashion Kings

The brand itself was established by three guys from Scarborough, a plumber, an accountant and a design engineer. If you ask them if it happened overnight then they would most certainly say no. In their first period of growth they were using spare rooms and credit card funding. However, once they got their first products into Project 722, a shop owned by Gaz Beadle (that special first celebrity endorsement) they were on their way to becoming urban fashion Kings.

A streetwear clothing brand built out of persistence

The social media presence of the company began to expand quickly. With over 16,000 tweets by the company this is a story of persistence and massive daily activity. It isn’t an overnight success story, rather it is a story of persistence that has achieved great rewards in a very short period of time. The founders, when they look back now on how much they’ve achieved so quickly, would certainly say it happened fast. They would however, resist the label of an overnight success story.

So are they a story of luck?

Whilst it is certainly true that many factors came into alignment at just the right time, which was lucky, this isn’t just a good luck story. The dedication, commitment and passion of the founders, their skill with social media, and their ability to identify a winning idea and run with it as fast as they could before anyone else could catch up, have been the real story of where this urban wear clothing brand has come from.