Where next for UK Urbanwear brand Sik silk?

Sik Silk clothing, a UK urban wear brand, has undoubtedly had a rapid rise to the forefront of the streetwear fashion scene. From humble beginnings in the spare rooms of the three founders, the company now has a big warehouse on Scarborough business Park, over a dozen staff, and a range of clothing that is shown to a hundred thousand plus connections on social media platforms. In this article we will take a look at how this Scarborough-based company has got to where it is today, and what the future holds. Early influences of this streetwear clothing company The spark that ignited the passion for this business was when the founders saw a young chap wearing old school/modern urban wear over New York. It set them on the path to creating a blended urban wear fashion philosophy which mixed American, Japanese and British influences, whilst combining the best of old school and modern trends. The company has thus created a very tight design philosophy that runs through everything that they produce. Celebrity clothing endorsements This design philosophy has resonated not just with the general public but also with celebrities. The edgy, trendy nature of the clothing has meant that people as elevated in the fashion scene as 50 Cent and Trez Songz have sported this urban wear attire. Very few companies that are as young as Sik Silk menswear have had the kind of exposure that they have achieved. They have brokered massive deals with companies around the world, and have photos of their clothing on celebrities going viral through the Twitter sphere on a regular basis. So what’s next for Sik Silk menswear The company have come a long way in a short time. They have made it because of their ability to create a design philosophy that resonates around the world. With a following of over 40,000 people on Twitter the company is primed for yet more growth. The beauty of such a large online presence is that products can reach the market incredibly fast, and new markets can open up just as quickly. With customers in every corner of the globe there are footings everywhere for increased brand penetration. Just as Nena and Pasadena have moved from Australia to the UK, Sik Silk have crossed the other way around the world to Australia. They have a presence in most European countries, and of course are now getting big in the United States of America. The future of the clothing looks very much the same as the past. With more money to plough into the development of new product lines we will see more edgy and trendy designs. We will see the tapered look on the jeans and joggers being evolved, and will see the collections in the various other departments develop significantly. More clothing in other urban wear departments Sik Silk clothing already has a pretty evolved urban T-shirt collection. We’re likely to see the sweaters and tracksuits of go down similar lines, with design style groups with bigger collections. We have recently seen an urban gym wear collection come out from the company and we’re likely to see other new ranges as well. With more women wearing the streetwear clothing, including Lauren Platt from X Factor and Tulisa, will we see a women’s range? For a company that has successfully turned its hand to designing bikes it is clear that this is a brand that is able to design just about anything. The clothing that we see now is just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come from this trendy, world beating urban fashion company.