Who are the Sik Silk Clothing Models?

Sik silk clothing is an urban wear clothing brand that has taken the world by storm. It seems to have come out of nowhere and now is being worn by celebrities such as 50 Cent. The rise and rise of this company has in no small part been down to their ability to choose the right models to show off the clothing ranges. The menswear that they produce all has a unique feel to it, pulled together by the old school/modern design thread and the mix of British, American and Japanese influences. So who are the models that are wearing the clothes you see on twitter and in the catalogues? Let’s find out. Leon Scott Leon Scott is a footballer who plays for Darlington. He was spotted at the football ground by the company and asked whether he would like to do a bit of modelling. He agreed and has gone on to become one of the main faces, and bodies, of the Sik Silk clothing brand. With a muscular physique, and not an ounce of fat on him, Leon works very hard to maintain his look. He jokes that he isn’t the fastest footballer, but he rarely gets knocked off the ball and his strength makes up for what he may lack getting around the pitch. Modelling for Sik Silk menswear has taken Leon around the world, including Las Vegas, Ibiza and all around the UK for photo shoots. He enjoys the process and has the perfect physique and look to show off the incredible clothing in the urban wear collections from Sik Silk. Gaz Beadle Gaz Beadle, better known as Gas from Geordie Shore, got behind the Sik Silk clothing brand very early. He even stocks the clothing in his shop Project 722. You won’t see him sporting the clothing as much as in the past on official photo shoots, but you’ll often see him and his fellow cast members wearing Sik Silk clothing. Toby Leonard Toby Leonard is an NYC model with tattoos all the way up his neck. He has a look that suits the Sik Silk clothing range, and if you take a look through his Twitter account you will notice he is heavily influenced by hip-hop, boxing and street culture. He has an edgy appearance and a great physique. The two models that you see most often sporting the Sik Silk menswear clothing are Leon Scott and Toby Leonard. There are several other regular models for the Sik Silk clothing brand and we will find out more about them in future posts. What unifies all the models for the Sik Silk clothing range is that their look fits the brand and helps the clothing look its best; but then with such great streetwear clothing it will look great on just about anyone.