Why Avid Attire Is Set To Flourish In the Urban Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a cluttered place, with many established and up-and-coming brands vying for dominance in different niche, and across the urban scene. At Thomas Gun we are always on the lookout for young brands that we think offer something a little different, and have what it takes to succeed in this incredibly competitive marketplace. In this article we will take a look at why we have chosen to stock Avid Attire in our collection, and why we think this streetwear fashion brand has what it takes to flourish over the coming years. Where Avid Attire Is Now Before we start looking at the future it is worth looking at what Avid Attire is doing right now. The menswear clothing company has a somewhat limited range, having not been in the scene for too long. However, what they do retails very well, and strikes a chord with active urban fashion lovers around the UK, and around the world. Many of their clothes are staples that can be worn in lots of different scenarios; versatile clothing for the discerning fashion conscious man. The company has a strong social media presence and clearly listens to its customers. There is a clear and unified vision that holds together the full Avid Attire clothing collection. Why Avid Tick All the Boxes There are lots of reasons that Avid Attire ticks all the boxes for a would-be successful streetwear fashion brand. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Firstly, this company has quality at its center. Following manufacture in European factories the products come back to be packed and checked in the UK. This means that every garment that goes out to customers meets the high standards this brand holds itself to. Secondly, the designs that this brand produce are always compelling and stylish. The active urban style looks great on the athletic man, and signals that this is a company that understands what the market needs. Thirdly, this company is taking a strategic approach to growth. Rather than trying to grow too fast the business leaders have decided to throttle growth so that they ensure they do things the right way. The Time Is Right: The Clothing Is Quality In business, as in life, timing is crucial. Avid Attire seems to have arrived on the urban fashion scene just the right time. The street dance scene is flourishing, urban music is growing and hip-hop style is becoming a cultural must have in the wardrobe of any city dwelling, fashion conscious man. The fact that this clothing resonates with the market so strongly, and is such high quality, means that this brand is sure to grow.