Why Sik Silk urban jeans are a bit different

As you take a look through the Sik Silk clothing range you will notice that their attire is somewhat different to the rest of the clothing in the fashion scene at the moment. Their T-shirts are a fantastic mix of old school and modern. Their hoodies have some incredible designs, especially in the current AW15 collection. The jeans follow the same trend, with some awesome styles that stand out from the rest of the crowd in the urban wear market. Let’s take a look at what makes them so special. A Streetwear Design concept a long time in the making Sik Silk menswear spent a lot of time developing their jeans collection. The design had to be right to fit their brand, and they wanted to make a statement with the garments that they produce. As you take a look at the different Jeans in the streetwear range you will notice lots of nice touches and quality enhancements compared to basic jeans. Drop crotch features Some of the jeans in the Sik Silk streetwear range have a drop crotch. You should know that not all drop crotch trousers are built equal. Some look awful at the back. Some are too baggy. The Sik Silk drop crotch trousers are just right. They are stylish hip-hop clothing that maximises the look, and combines well with the other attire that you wear. It’s amazing how often Sik Silk menswear get difficult concepts spot on. Tapering and skinny fit urban wear jeans from Sik Silk

All of the jeans in the Sik Silk clothing range taper to the ankles. They are skinny fit, hugging the legs all the way down. This is a great look for the fashion conscious man; the man who wants to look stylish and combine with tight hugging T-shirts, and active urban wear. The Sik Silk clothing fashion designers drew on a lot of influences, and listened to their public, in order to develop the jean design styles they have settled on.

Various streetwear jean styles. The jeans in the Sik Silk clothing collection include distressed jeans, BLK, ripped jeans, hareem jeans and, of course, the drop crotch skinny urban wear jeans. This means you have a nice range to choose from. Every pair is distinctly Sik Silk in design philosophy. Every pair is made from premium materials, and supremely well made. There is not one thing that makes the urban jeans from Sik Silk unique, rather it is a culmination of factors such as the attention to detail in the construction, the little details on the buttons and labels, the slick tapering profile and the way they combine so well with other streetwear clothing, that really make them stand out in the market today.         http://www.thomasgun.com/sik-silk/jeans.html