Why We Choose to Stock Streetwear Company Illusive London

Here at Thomas Gun, we like to think we have our finger(s) on the fashion pulse, especially when it comes to new global trends and styles – but the problem with certain types of clothing ranges is that there are just so many huge brands to choose from. This goes for us, as a retailer, as well as you as a customer – the choice can be off-putting. Which is why, when we find a company that truly stands out, we feel it’s our duty as a fashion outlet to let you, the consumer, know. Illusive London are set to reimagine urban clothing Illusive London are one such company that we’re beyond excited to work with. Sometimes, someone comes along that just has the ability, the passion and the determination to look at their chosen field and think ‘We can make it better’; enter Illusive London. With their highly experienced fashion designer team (the genius group behind the fantastic SikSilk name), Illusive are looking directly into the eye of modern, contemporary streetwear and analyzing what they do and what they don’t like. They want to create something different, whilst taking the lessons of past urbanwear ranges on board. Not so much reinventing the wheel, as moving onto hover technology. Setting their sights on one sector: menswear The biggest problem we see with some clothing manufacturers is that they spread themselves too thin. Either they try and opt into hundreds of different styles, ranges and cultures at once, meaning they become something of a jack of all trades, rather than an industry titan – or else they simply don’t do their homework and produce something that’s completely lackluster. With Illusive London, the designers know what they’re doing. Instead of focusing on a huge demographic with their hip hop style clothing, this time around the guys are solely focusing on the male physique, with tight fit clothing ranges and modern-cum-classic design choices. We love this decision, which is why we’re stocking them all throughout our business. This is a sure fire sign of a fashion retailer who not only recognize a gap in the market for quality, bespoke urban menswear, but also a passionate team of designers who want to improve their industry – what more can you ask for? It doesn’t always take someone with a lunatic vision to rework the traditional – sometimes it just takes someone who knows what they’re doing.  Illusive London know it all.