Why We Choose to Stock Urban Clothing Brand Bee Inspired

We’re often asked how we choose which clients to work with, or what our reasons for stocking particular brand names are – usually, this is a simple business decision, where we recognize the popularity of particular names and approach them with an offer (or vice versa). However, there are times when a particular brand will speak to you on a more important level than simple business – a company with respect for their customers, and their chosen field, who know what it takes to be a considerate name in a competitive modern marketplace. Bee Inspired are one such menswear company. Admirable From the Start Since their inception in October 2013, we’ve followed the steady and enviable rise of the Bee Inspired menswear name – we watched it stem from the dream of Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb (two young footballers, who passed up their huge sporting opportunity in favor of another, in a completely different industry – male fashion). Ever since that time, we’ve been nothing but impressed. This company handles their social media presence like consummate professionals; having open, regular and honest discussions with their followers and customers, to create a trusted brand loyalty and relationship on an individual basis. We recognized that the shared dream between Mark and Steven was something that was almost entirely absent from the mainstream urban wear and menswear market; passion and dedication. A Respect for Their Field The team at Bee Inspired aren’t just savvy marketers, or fantastic clothes manufacturers – they also treat the menswear industry with the respect it deserves. They never rest on their laurels and sit back, resupplying the same streetwear ranges over and over, like they could. Instead, they put an importance on innovation and unique design – they actively want to change and improve the menswear industry for the better, not simply float in the wake of bigger businesses that have monopolized the urbanwear scene for years. Quality goods at Achievable Prices Above all else, the team being Bee Inspired understand the balance between manufacturing costs, quality of materials and the eventual price that must be footed by the customer on the street – they approach this balance with a great deal of ethics. None of their clothing lines are poor or subpar quality; indeed every Bee Inspired item of clothing we stock is some of the highest quality design, material and manufacturing we’ve seen, all sold at affordable prices.