Why We Chose To Stock Avid Attire Menswear

At Thomas Gun we try to stock the best established urban wear brands, but also many of the up-and-coming stars in the streetwear fashion industry. Clearly this is where we consider Avid Attire. This article will take a look at why we have chosen to stock Avid Attire menswear as part of our collection. After reading this you should have the idea of the merits of this quality, fresh up-and-coming fashion label. Our Experience with Urban Menswear It is worth us first establishing our experience working with Urban menswear. Since 1982 we have been identifying rising stars in the industry and helping to propel them forwards as main players. Around 2000 we went online and have since then been stocking new and fresh brands that we believe add something different to the streetwear fashion scene. We have a long history of selecting companies that have gone on to become not just big UK brands, but big worldwide brands as well. Avid Is Quality The first thing to say about the Avid Attire menswear brand is that it is a quality brand. The company has chosen to keep all design and development in-house, and then to use European factories for the manufacture of goods. Unlike some companies that then ship direct from the manufacturer, Avid Attire choose to receive the goods, package them and ensure that quality control is at the heart of what they do. The materials, manufacture process and quality control that Avid Attire follows ensures a quality product to the consumer every time. Avid Is Fresh Avid Attire is also a fresh brand. It is modern yet has a traditional urban feel about it too. The designs are the kinds of clothes that you have as staples in your wardrobe to turn to again and again. The fresh designs combine beautifully with other urban fashion brands, enabling you to create a unique look. The vests from this company are sometimes quite flamboyant. However, most of the clothing is more conservative, yet distinctly urban and active in feel. This brand fits nicely into the current mesh of the urban fashion scene. Avid Is Keen To Impress One thing that is clear with Avid Attire is that they are eager to impress. Their quality control, quality designs and quality marketing standout amongst newcomers to the streetwear scene. This is a fashion label that plans strategically and understands the marketplace. At Thomas Gun we are always looking for companies that do things the right way. Avid Attire is a company that we believe do so.