Winter Months Biting? Time To Bee Inspired

Are you finding it difficult to manage through this year’s especially violent, cold winter weather? Well you’re not alone – men up and down the country are turning to the high street urbanwear stores in the hopes of cutting out some of that biting cold wind. The problem is, they often leave empty handed and disappointed with the selection on offer. We’re sure you can relate. Enter Bee Inspired. The Bee Inspired Streetwear Clothing Style Bee Inspired is one of, if not the, most exciting new names in the contemporary urban menswear sector. Stemming from the simple dream, passion and drive of two ex-footballers (Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb); the company have set out on a mission to revitalize the UK menswear market and fill a gap that’s been empty for too long. The Bee Inspired style is difficult to pin down in a handful of words; their selection of streetwear is such a mix of influences and unique design that it really has to be seen to be believed. Active Urban Hoodies One of the most popular sections of Bee Inspired’s modern menswear is there range of urban hoodies, which are practically flying off of shelves as we speak. With a huge and diverse range of different designs, cuts, sizes and styles (all with the Bee Inspired promise of quality material and craftsmanship), it’s nigh on impossible to come away from this category without a handful of new hoodies. Streetwear Sweaters Part of the Bee Inspired dream is to create an unrivaled blend of practicality and urban style – which means that their wide selection of sweaters will not only keep that horrible winter chill at bay, but that you can wear them inside or out, without having to worry about compromising on your own sense of style. Warm Joggers A staple of the menswear comfort range, as well as being key components of a practical exercise outfit – jogging pants are a huge deal within the urban menswear sector. This is why Bee Inspired have put a considerable amount of time, effort and thought into their jogging selections, giving every man a chance at comfort and accessibility in the one outfit. Style and Comfort from Bee Inspired Style is one thing, but who can say that they’re truly happy wearing a beautiful new shirt, or sweater, all the while feeling that the fabric or the cut is uncomfortable? It’s rarely worth comprising comfort for style, or vice versa, which is why the guys at Bee Inspired are doing everything they can to bring style and comfort back to the forefront of contemporary urban menswear.