Wrap Up For Winter with Intense Menswear

Here, at Thomas Gun, we cannot overemphasize the importance of wearing layers when the temperature drops. We understand the importance of winter clothing, which is why we always go out of our way to ensure that our winter ranges manage to strike equilibrium between functionality and modern style. This part of the wardrobe rarely gets the attention it deserves, so we have made it easy for you to see what you require at a glance. Cardigans and Jackets Are you a fan of cardigans? Or do you prefer to just throw on a jacket to stay warm? You will find our selection to be one of the most complete you’ve ever explored – offering you choices for any and all habits and personalities. Here at Thomas Gun, we have urban designs that work perfectly when applied to clothing like men’s designer knitwear. This is why we are proud to have a complete collection of Intense winter wear for men that want to keep up a classy appearance during the winter months, where clothing choices are often unflattering. High quality urbanwear All of the designer knitwear from our Intense men’s collection is finely crafted from the highest quality cottons and fabrics – this guarantees comfort and practicality.  You are sure to keep your standard classy look with our choice in designs, colors and styles. No taste or personality is unaccounted for at Intense Clothing. You no longer have to risk the cold, in order to look good, nor do you have to wrap up in unflattering jackets and lose your sense of style - scroll over our collection, today, to see what we have to offer. Here at Thomas Gun, we often bring our urban fashion philosophy to our full range of clothing. This includes thicker items like men’s designer knitwear and heavier clothing, designed to retain warmth. If you think that our designer men’s wear from Intense is the perfect fit for you this Christmas (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t it be?) don’t hesitate to get your orders in, before it’s too late. Do you need any help? Feel free to contact us right away, we’re only too happy to help you through any inquiries you may have!