• Thomas Gun Acquired by RagRetail

  • Thomas Gun Announces Acquisition by RagRetail

    Thomas Gun, an infamous UK independent fashion retailer known for their incredible street wear trends and TShirts, has just announced that they have been acquired by RagRetail. As Jackie Smyth from RagRetail noted, this announcement will combine two outstanding UK fashion companies. “The acquisition of Thomas Gun by RagRetail brings together two incredibly talented management teams that complement each other perfectly,” Smyth said. “Bringing Thomas Gun online for the first time in their very long history is an incredibly exciting project to be part of.” As customers who have shopped at both fashion retailers know quite well, both Thomas Gun and RagRetail offer an outstanding selection of fashionable street wear. Now, thanks to the recent acquisition, even more customers will have access to the stylish clothing on RagRetail’s web site. “Thomas Gun has been at the cutting edge of fashionable street wear since 1982, always priding ourselves on spotting a new thing and always treading our own path,” Smyth said, adding that it took until 2014 to get online. “Now that we have arrived, we hope to bring our decades experience and reputation for service to a whole new audience.” Thanks to RagRetail’s user-friendly eCommerce retail site, selected brands and retailers can engage directly with customers, which in turn allows the clothing to be driven by the different fashion vendors. This allows for a unique shopping experience for the customers who shop on RagRetail’s web site; instead of being presented with a limited number of selections, shoppers will get a personalised product offering that is controlled by their favourite vendors. Anybody who would like to learn more about Thomas Gun and their wide selection of fashionable clothing is welcome to visit either the Thomas Gun or RagRetail sites. About Thomas Gun: Thomas Gun has been a successful independent retailer since 1982. Specialising in the latest urban street wear trends Thomas Gun has a large almost cult following of loyal customers in the UK. In September 2014 Thomas Gun was acquired by eCommerce specialists RagRetail who will be bringing this incredible retailer online for the first time. For more information, please visit http://www.thomasgun.com/Read More
  • 'Fashion for a Cause' aids families and kids

    A bit of fashion, with a bit of brunch raised needed support for the Juvenile Protective Association. JPA Auxiliary Board volunteers and Northbrook Neiman Marcus gave North Shore attendees a fresh look at fall-winter fashions at a Zodiac Room breakfast with “Fashion for a Cause” on Nov. 9. “You’re going to enjoy the fashion show, you really will,” promised Paula Brady of Neiman Marcus, who dazzled in a smart green jacket at this 9 a.m. brunch. And yes, everyone here loved the couture rainbow presented with true color commentary from Abby Zupancic, Neiman Marcus style advisor. “Who doesn’t want to lunch with this lady?” asked Zupancic, as a model in a royal blue print dress and ruby red overcoat stepped into the Zodiac Room. “This is a wonderful dress. This is just absolutely gorgeous on everybody’s height…” An impressive turnout of ticket holders ($75 each) filled the elegant Zodiac Room, enjoying freshly baked puff pastry and coffee as models strolled the walkabout runway in jewel tones, showing casual wear, tailored suits and evening fashions . One hundred percent of ticket proceeds went to the JPA. “The JPA has a very long history of groundbreaking work in the child welfare field,” said Angiela Zielinski, JPA executive director, who impressed in a polished suit. “We were founded in 1901 by social activist and, of course, Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams and her colleagues at Hull House.” Wilmette’s Debbie Van Solkema, JPA Auxiliary Board member noted: “We are all working towards JPA’s mission of breaking the cycle of child abuse and strengthening families.” “Neiman Marcus Northbrook was an incredible partner,” added Van Solkema, who served as “Fashion for a Cause” co-chair. “Everyone at JPA is grateful for their (NM) support and generosity.” JPA Auxiliary Board President Ann Cohn of Glenview thanked everyone for coming out for the event. “This is an amazing organization that does incredible things for kids that need it most,” she said.  Read More
  • 11Degrees

    11Degrees brings a new chapter to the British fashion landscape! The result of a labour of love this label has been turning heads with a league of followers and celebrity fans. 11Degrees is street-wear brand to be reckoned with. Intricate and sometimes bewildering levels of quality are at the core of this brands DNA.Read More
  • Fi5th

     FI5THClothing was born in New York the original home of fashion. Many of the influences found in the collections come from downtown SOHO. Recognised for holding budding artist and fashion houses, the new undiscovered creative leaders. The unique individual style of the people of SOHO is something not often seen on the British fashion scene.Read More
  • SikSilk

    SikSilk was born into an industry that had lost its drive, passion and its direction! Obsessed with American, British and Japanese street culture to create collections that continue to push the boundaries of design. Adored by the rich & famous around the world are admired and loved by customers the brand continues to see global growth never been achieved before by a label with British roots.Read More
  • Nena and Pasadena

    Nena and Pasadena is a Melbourne menswear sensation,
    birthed in 2009 after Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin joined forces with one of Australia’s leading menswear designers to create an edgy, outgoing and vibrant street wear label. Best known for its graphic explicit T-shirt prints, Nena and Pasadena is equally matched with its offering of styles for every season – definitely not for the faint hearted.
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  • Dirty Angels

    Dirty Angels is a fresh clothing brand with new ideas. It isn’t about just chasing the latest fashion styles, but starting trends of their own for others to chase. Print quality is a big part of the brand with inspiration taken from sun soaked holidays, parties, music, film, tattoos and photography – pretty much every part of life. Its about capturing the moment and expressing it in design.Read More
  • Chptr and Vrse

    The Chptr & Vrse brand is best know for it’s premium and unique graphics, printed t-shirts & sweats form the core signature of the brand. The clothing line is devoted to the pursuit of the individual style, re-working a twisted heritage vibe heavily inspired by urban, lyrical quotes, musical muses and Americana with a element of a tongue in cheek religious attitude. "Music is my Religion"Read More
  • Judas Sinned

    Initially developed as a niche collection of custom made tees, Judas Sinned’s fusion of unique design and technical manufacturing processes swiftly resulted in a cult following.

    Established in 2009 by John William, Judas Sinned soon earned celebrity allure and status. With over 20 years’ experience in retail fashion, John’s commercial attributes include independent designer womenswear and menswear stores. His creative imagination and industry knowledge of design, fabrics and manufacturing techniques inspired him to create his own label and so Judas Sinned was born. Inspiration from rock and religious chic has been integral to the brand. The iconic Judas Sinned cross has been combined with tattoo inspired graphics, religious scripture and a devilishly divine rock ‘n’ roll edge.

    Radiating pure, laid-back cool, the label is designed for the enlightened customer with a passion for both style and quality. The initial collection, bursting with attitude, was based on Tee’s showcasing original designs, evocative quotes and religious references. The collection continues to expand and now includes tailored shirts, knitwear, denim and footwear.

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