Friend Or Faux

Friend or Faux

The Friend or Faux logo depicts a stag with sharp horns at the ready, indicating a cutting edge forward thrust or creativity. Calling itself “a design collective and a tributary of talent”, they aim to bring you fashion ideals and concepts that are true to one mantra: don’t be fake... befriend.

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The company does a full range of tees, sweats, hoodies and other sportswear along with accessories such as underwear and snapback caps. Humour and variety typify the looks, from chimps and apes on the knickers to beach boy colour bands on the tees against Californiac floral backgrounds. Lady with banana, hippie wash tie-dye, night sky pastels and the slogan “Smile High Club” are just a few of the examples showing that their products are very much about life and its good times, from the surfing world to pink flamingos, tropical leaf patterns and pretty pastel flowers. High Fives to Low Lives is another popular tee slogan, showing the brand celebrates relaxation, lemonade, and school’s-out good cheer.

The clothing line also gets a high rating from celebs in their photo shoots shown in the brand’s blogs, such as former rapper-turned comedian Doc Brown trying to look badass in a Friend or Faux Defender back and white zip hoodie over a brown striped flat cap. Another endorsement came from garage/rock/blues inspired Brighton duo Royal Blood when drummer Ben Thatcher wore a brand tee at an LA gig.

And it doesn’t stop there. Also featured on the Friend or Faux blog are Liam Payne and Zayn Malik from teen sensation One Direction (1D) who became poster boys for the company wearing the company’s zig-zaggy Big Wave vest on stage at a live concert. Later, the band also sported the brand’s gear in their film "One Direction - This Is Us".

Aimed squarely at a young market, Friend or Faux is most definitely smiling, taking its “Fauxlosophy” from Abraham Lincoln - "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend". It’s a happy brand that can take you anywhere, as long as it’s not dull, and certainly doesn’t need heavy anarcho-symbolism or skulls to get its way in the shops. Guaranteed to set the wearer apart from the sheep, even their models are laughing from behind great ZZ Top beards.

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