Looking for an urban styled hat to complement your outfit? Well you have come to the right place. All of our catalogue reflects the best of urban clothing and accessory design. We stock the best brands including Chaptr and Vrse and Nena and Pasedena.

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An urban hat really can set off a look. Perfect to shade your eyes in the summer, and to keep you warm in the winter, a snapback is practical all year round. For those cold autumn, winter and spring mornings and evenings a beanie is functional. Not only that, the beanies in our collection give off the urban vibe in abundance.

Snapbacks and Beanies from the urban fashion specialists

We are passionate about our collection of urban clothing accessories- designed for the modern man, in the modern city, with modern attitudes of the modern times. The modern city dwelling man wants to fit in but stand out, and that is what the clothing in our collection is designed to help you do.

We have urban hats in a variety of colours, including grey, white, black, red and green. Every product represents the best possible quality available on the market. The materials are top quality. The finish is top quality with every product. Click through to a listing, click on the images and scroll and zoom in to see the product in more detail. At Thomas Gun we are extremely discerning about the products we stock; we ensure that you always get the best available in the market.

Streetwear for your head - our snapbacks are urban essentials

If you have any questions then get in touch and we will be happy to guide you. We are here to help you find the perfect clothing and accessories to match your personal style.

So what you waiting for? Take a look at the hats and choose your favourite to add to your shopping basket. After you’re done then take a look around the other items in our catalogue, including urban tees, polos, vests and hoodies.

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