From the brand name itself, Illusive clothing means the deceptive style of fashion which also means we give you that cool-without-trying-too-hard look. Because of the success of the brand Sik Silk, the people behind Sik Silk have decided to expand their clothing industry by releasing a new brand, named Illusive. Illusive is a sister company of Sik Silk. Despite being sister companies, the designs and styles of these two brands are uniquely different.

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The difference between these brands are noticeable at first sight. While Sik Silk gives you that casual, preppy look, Illusive mainly focuses on the production of garments which are more towards buffed looking men. Sometimes, it can be a bit of a challenge for muscular, buffed men to find clothing that can accentuate their muscles without looking like a show-off.

Illusive offers a variety of shirts which offers comfort and style all in one. Illusive offers a variety of vests and sweats that are ideal for gym wear. Stylishly designed shirts are also available and are perfect to change into after a gym session to go to a boys’ night out or even a date. If you are kind of guy who loves to stay fit, values comfort and quality clothes but still likes to keep it fashionable, then Illusive is the clothing brand for you.

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