Judas Sinned

Judas Sinned

It all started in 2009. Judas Sinned clothing has been in the fashion industry in UK for 7 years already. The brand was initially developed as a niche collection of customized tees. With the combination of technical manufacturing processes and unique designs, it surged to a cult following. Judas Sinned has caught the attention of some celebrities in the few years they have been on the scene.

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John William is the name responsible for Judas Sinned. With over 20 years of experience in retail fashion, his exceptional imagination, ideas and knowledge about the fashion industry inspired him to establish his own label and so Judas Sinned was born. Combining perfect and unique design with unerring fit is the Holy Grail of Judas Sinned. Mass production has been more prominent among clothing brands nowadays and quality of the product is somewhat lost. Judas Sinned strives to bring these qualities back, doing their job tirelessly to give their avid customers the finest quality garments with a truly bespoke feel. Judas Sinned is known for their experimenting with design techniques, trends and washes that give the brand its diverse appeal.

Judas Sinned successfully developed a label based on quality garments with a rock star edge. Each generation develops its own taste of fashion that is why Judas Sinned will continue to develop and innovate their customized designs to adapt and even set trends for modern people today. Judas Sinned makes sure that every piece they produce passes its high quality standard to ensure that you only get the very best from Judas Sinned.

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