Masters of Ceremony

Masters of Ceremony

Masters of Ceremony is a fresh and unique new urban wear brand. Very few newcomers to the urban fashion scene manage to capture such a unique look with such style. The brand makes use of premium cotton in its clothing and has a mix of styles, all emblazoned with the Masters of Ceremony logo; visible confirmation of the quality of the clothing.

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Diverse designs from fashion designers at Masters of Ceremony

As you look through the Masters of Ceremony range you will notice that the clothing is smart. There are some fairly traditional styles, with the logo on the left breast, and plain designs, but most of the attire has something a little different about it. Many of the T-shirts have designs on the shoulders and arms; subtly patterned mid-drift areas are another feature, and all of the designs are squarely in the streetwear genre.

Premium quality mens streetwear clothing

Masters of Ceremony is a brand name that is quickly becoming synonymous with quality. The attire is made from 100% cotton wherever possible, which means it is as comfortable when you take it off at the end of the day as it was when you put it on at the beginning. The quality shines through the screen, and is even more impressive in person.

Take a closer look at this urban wear

To take a closer look at the garments click into a listing and hover over the images. You can scroll and zoom around and view the quality of the seams and materials.

An expanding range

At the moment we stock T-shirts, joggers and hoodies in the Masters of Ceremony collection. The colours are predominantly black, khaki, navy and white. Sizes range from small to large. As time goes by we will bring more M of C urban attire into the Thomas Gun website for you to choose from.

Get in touch with any questions on Masters of Ceremony

If you have any questions about this quality new streetwear brand then get in touch today and we will be more than happy to answer them. The sizes are true, but check out our size guides if you have any doubts, or give us a call. If you want to know which brands Masters of Ceremony clothing goes best with then also get in touch and we will advise you. We love talking about menswear clothing and this is a brand we particularly like.

All of the clothing on Thomas Gun is hand-picked. We look around the market for up-and-coming brands that we think are going to make waves in the streetwear fashion scene. Masters of Ceremony certainly fits the bill.

Get shopping Masters of Ceremony today

Masters of Ceremony truly are masters of the urban fashion scene. Since they are a relatively new brand you will stand out when you wear this clothing. Why follow the herd when you can be heard more loudly wearing an up-and-coming brand.

Add your favourite items from the Masters of Ceremony clothing collection to your cart and then take a look at the other items available on the Thomas Gun website.

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