Nena and Pasadena

Nena and Pasadena

Created in 2010 and founded in Melbourne, Australia, Nena and Pasadena had already become one of the hottest new fashion brands for menswear to hit the stores in Australia. Now with their edgy and hip designs, the vibrant street wear label has made its way into the UK and set the fashion world buzzing!

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Celebrities like Gary Beadle and Scott, two stars of the hit MTV reality show Geordie Shore and Jack Collison, the famous international football player and Tess O Reilly, the UK based model and actor are all huge fans of the brand and are often photographed wearing pieces from the collection. You can check out more of the celebrity looks on Nana and Pasadena’s Pinterest board.

Nena and Pasadena are outgoing and fearless when it comes to their designs and their style. The graphic writing on their shirts range from phrases like “Risk it all Tonight” to “Start from Strangers” with equally graphic pictures to go along with it. Designed to stand out and push the boundaries of fashion, their collection of denim shorts, flight pants, t-shirts, tops, outerwear and other accessories with their outrageous prints will definitely draw attention to what you’re wearing. If you’re fond of the brand but feel unsure about the overly graphic prints then check out one of Nena and Pasadena’s signature t-shirts which are less racy but equally fantastic and stylish.

This menswear label has clothing for every season, whether you’re spending a hot summer day surfing in the ocean or taking your dog out for a walk on a cool fall evening. Depending on the style and print, a Nena and Pasadena top can easily be converted into a polished, professional look, a laid back casual look or badass one with an edge.

The Nena and Pasadena label is not just popular with men; their clothing is worn by women too and have become a phenomenal hit with the opposite sex! Everything from the tank tops, t-shirts, hats and flight pants. The label’s tops are comfortable enough to wear to sleep and sexy enough for a hot night out with the girls. The longer tanks can easily be converted into short dresses or worn over bathing suits for a day of lounging by the beach.

Pieces from the line can be purchased online at various online retailers or through the brand’s website itself. The clothing line is very active on social media, for more details on the brand or upcoming news, events and promotions make sure to check out their Facebook page or Twitter feed. And for neat ideas on how to style your very own Nena and Pasadena check out their Instagram posts.

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