Profit X Loss

Who are Profit X Loss?

Profit X Loss (PXL) clothing have been making waves stateside for a while now, and when you see 50 Cent wearing their stuff, you just know that they are something special. The UK urban wear brand holds right to it's root relating to music and the streets with it's bold designs.

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Hitting the scene in 2014, the Brand, it's energy is taking it to new heights and we are delighted to showcase their range here. The first thing that struck us was before the garments even arrived, it was the way the brand detailed each and every item with exact precision. To us, this proved that they had been involved every step of the design and making process, and knew exactly what they wanted. It's hard to communicate the importance of this, but perfection likes this near guarantees a perfect product because the designer would not have it any other way.

So we were not surprised at Thomas Gun Towers when we opened the boxes to the immediate smell of fresh leather, and felt the quality of the items. Price points are often a bone of contention with consumers, and this brand are a bit more expensive than others. But you pay for quality, and often price reflects the standard of a product. This brand build things to be worn for a long time, and should be applauded for that. If you want an ever-lasting staple for your wardrobe, look not further.

Profit X Loss Clothing

You can see the influence of Hip-Hop in their range of hats, tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers. Their broad range of dad hats have a great quality to them, and their Strapbacks all have leather peaks and tightening straps. Most of their garments are in black and grey, and come in a variation of the Brands Monogram PXL logo, or the Scripted Profit X Loss.

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