Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue Clothing

Scar Tissue clothing is an edgy new urban wear brand with a tale of redemption and healing old wounds and Thomas Gun is proud to be the first retailer to take them up.

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The Logo is based on the seeds of life and each of the seven rings represents the seven days of creation, symbolising new beginnings and a fresh start which have seen this Brand rise from the ashes and onto the backs on everyone in the know. With such tag lines as "Scars tell the stories of our past, so let our clothes tell yours", you just know that this rugged streetwear brand are going to take the fashion world by storm.

The brand was started by a Brighton Tattoo Artist with a passion for design and clothes, who insisted every item be up to his high standards and that he would be proud to wear it. Indeed, it was a chance meeting on the streets where Thomas Gun noticed the original garments being worn and approached for a chance to showcase it to their fashion-wise customers.

Autumn/Winter 2016

AW16 is the first collection to hit stores and has beaten most other brands to an early September launch date, with a good range of Gym Wear, Tracksuits, Tee's, Polo's and Snapbacks. It's refreshing to see a brand cater for all sizes with a range to include small, medium, large, extra large, and XXLarge.

Scar Tissue T-Shirts and Polo's

The Scar Tissue Tees are the standout in this collection and sure to be best-sellers. With a range of curved hem's, vented and drop shoulder, there really need to be checked out to be believed. You can't help but love the choice of colours including Black, White, Khaki, Coffee, Almond, Grey, Black Olive, Maroon and Charcoal. Look out for the oil-dyed and knit tee. The brand often favour an oversized tee so can hang longer than usual. Make sure you note the oversized in the description.

Scar Tissue Snapbacks

The brand only have a few caps out in the AW16 collection, but these hats are pure quality. Made with the same great quality material and patterns, these are truly beautiful snapbacks which showcase the brand's embroidered logo perfectly. Currently these are in Black, White, Grey and Purple but more colours are due.

Scar Tissue Tracksuits

No Aw16 collection would be complete without matching hoodies and joggers sets. Coming in Black Olive, Maroon, and Charcoal Grey, this are well made, comfy and warm with only the best cotton being used. These are a delight to wear and the zips are even two way to give even further flexibility.

Scar Tissue Gym Wear

The Scar Tissue Gym Range has a smaller logo and on some items the brand name on the rear. There are some undergarments, tee's and tracksuits. Naturally, these look as good on the streets as they do in the gym. These are proving to be very popular and will soon be sighted at a gym near you.

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