Do you want some urban shorts to add to your wardrobe? Then you have come to the right site. In our shorts collection we have brought together some of the best urban designs available on the market. We are highly discerning in the clothing we allow into our collection to ensure that you have only the best to choose from.

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Two of the brands featured in our collection are Serge Denimes and Nicce. These brands are synonymous with quality urban clothing, pouring urban passion into every design, and care and attention into the manufacture process. These clothes are for the discerning city dwelling man who wants to make a statement with everything he wears. A man who has a purpose who believes in and fits into the city in which he lives.

Get ready for the summer with our stylish shorts

The shorts are available in a variety of styles and sizes, including small, medium, large and extra-large. You’ll find a mix of black and grey shorts in our collection. Our shorts are perfect for those looking for casual beach style, a sporty look for a park football match, or style and practicality for a mess around in the pool. Whatever the occasion we have a pair of shorts to fit your style and to fit the event.

Why not add a couple of pairs to your basket to complete your holiday or summer wardrobe. The variety of styles means you can always look fresh as you make your urban statement. Blend into the city but stand out from the crowd.

Heading to the beach? Dress to impress!

When you are done shopping for your shorts then head over to our vast range of urban tees and select a couple. The urban philosophy runs through everything in our catalogue, so you can be sure that the different clothing items blend together beautifully.

If you need help or guidance then get in touch with our fashion experts. We really are here to help you choose the right clothing for your style. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch, or add your products to the basket. When you buy from us you are guaranteed the best quality urban shorts on the Internet.

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