Are you looking for sweatshirts to add to your wardrobe for when the evenings draw in and nights get colder? Are you looking for urban style products that reflect your personal style and attitudes? Then you come to the right place. At Thomas Gun we stock the best possible urban sweats available on the market. We select only the most premium brands to ensure that you have choice from the very best.

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Premium branded sweatshirts from Thomas Gun

Our collection of over 25 urban sweats comes from Sik Silk, Serge Denimes, Fresh Ego Kid, 304#, AKA, Avid Attire, Chptr and Vrse, Dirty Angels, Fi5th, Nena and Pasadena, Intense, Rose London, Intense, Judas Sinned, Masters Of Ceremony, Sixth June and Nicce. These are some of the top brands in the urban fashion arena, representing quality, value and maximum style.

Our sweats are available in small, medium, large, extra-large and XXL. There are lots of colours and styles available. Choose from white, black, grey, blue, navy, multicolour and burgundy options.

All of our sweats are urban themed. Some are more classical in design, others add a modern city flamboyance to your wardrobe. Although they are all created with an urban design philosophy, there is a remarkable mix of styles within our range. Why not pick a few of our sweats to wear on different types of occasion. Also jump on over to our polo and tees categories to take a look at some of our other clothing.

Urban crew-sweats from the style gurus

If you need help then we are on the end of the phone. Our fashion experts are committed to helping you choose the right clothes and accessories for your style preferences. To take a closer look at our urban sweats click through to a product and then scroll and zoom to look at the finer details of the item.

Alternatively, you can click an item to bring up a larger photo. As you are looking in detail you will notice the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing process. Every brand we work with is committed to the highest quality design, material sourcing and manufacturing standards. So what are you waiting for? Add you sweats to your basket and take a look at the tremendous range of clothing around the rest of the site.

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