Are you looking for the most stylish t-shirts available on the Internet? Well you’ve come to the right place. The tees you will find in our collection are diverse in style but all urban themed. They are perfect for anyone who loves the urban look and is seeking the best of it.

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We stock 11 Degrees, Sik Silk, Serge Denimes, Fresh Ego Kid, Bee Inspired, 304#, AKA, Avid Attire, Chptr and Vrse, Dirty Angels, Fi5th, Friend or Faux, Nena and Pasadena,, Intense, Rose London, Avior, Good For Nothing, Illusive, Intense Judas Sinned, Masters Of Ceremony, Pretty Sweet, Sixth June and Nicce tees. All the brands we stock are chosen for their cutting-edge designs, urban philosophy and the top-quality materials they make their clothes from. Many are household names, but we also like to feature rising stars in the urban fashion scene.

T-Shirts from Thomas Gun

As you look through our stock of over 125 top-quality urban tees you will notice the diversity of the range. You’ll find colours and styles for all occasions, whether you want a tee to go under a jacket for a smart occasion, or to go with shorts down the beach. Many of our tees are worn by celebrities, and some of them are even designed by the celebs themselves. For a city dwelling man these t-shirts are the must haves in the wardrobe. They will help you fit into the city, whilst standing out from the crowd.

Our tees come in small, medium, large and extra-large, so you should find a top for your body shape. We also offer some in XXL. Our tees come in all different colours, including pink, white, black, grey, red, blue, navy, multicolour, maroon, ecru, burgundy, petrol, sublimation, and khaki.

Top quality urban tees

If you have questions about our t-shirt collection then get in touch and will be happy to answer them and provide you with any advice you may need. To see our items in more detail click into a listing and then click into the pictures to expand the view. You can roll zoom to see the finer details of our tees. So what are you waiting for? Get clicking through our huge collection of urban tees and add your favourites to your cart. When you are done pop over to the other sections of our website and get some jeans or a jacket to complete the outfit.

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